Tel Aviv: apartment by the beach

 A renovation of an apartment in Tel Aviv: a small apartment , which underwent a renovation and became a colorful, happy place, with an eclectic mixture of stylesnd textures.   Here is a link to a description of this project.            

Houzz Israel: Light and Bright Updates for an Israeli Family Home

an article in the American website HOUZZ about the renovation of a house in Israel

House renovation in Israel

This 40-year-old house in Israel was dark and cluttered. It needed a larger dining room, a more modern kitchen, a much better connection to its beautiful garden, and possibilities to display an impressive collection of antique watches.

Antique house between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Renovation of an old house berween Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which includes a new kitchen and dining area, and landscaping around the house – all of which enhance its beauty and charm

shop design in munich

A special shop design in Munich, Germany combines of the owner’s love of vintage décor, old vinyl records, photography, excellent coffee – and people.

Townhouse in Israel

In a newlly built townhouse in Israel, we made use of local materials, an unusual construction systen and a tiny garden to create a modest, pleasant home

Life on Display: from the Jerusalem Post

Homes in Israel: from the the Jerusalem Post- a home in the north of Tel Aviv. An old apartment was enlarged and renovated to create a special atmosphere

Home in Israel: warmth, color. and windowseats

Home in Israel: a large country house in Israel was redesigned to add warmth, color, and some extra space to the girls’ rooms upstairs

Home in Israel: Greek dreams come true

The inspiration for the renovation of an apartment in Tel Aviv came from the beauty of a Greek island. We combined its charm and romance with modern comfort

Renovation in Israel – warm, simple and happy

This apartment in Tel Aviv lacked warmth and charm – and we corrected this with its renovation