Apartment in Israel : from the Jerusalem Post

An article from the “Jerusalem Post” about a roof apartment in Israel, which was designed as a vacation home, with a New York loft as inspiration

House in Israel: from the Jerusalem Post

An article from the “Jerusalem Post” about a house we designed in an old neighborhood of Tel Aviv

Renovation of a country house in Israel

This is a renovation of a large county home near Tel Aviv, Israel, which changed the house completely and opened it up to the garden around it

House in Israel – a cozy home in Tel Aviv

The ground floor was completely changed, and two attic rooms were added. The result: a cozy, warm, colorful home for a family in Tel Aviv

Structure and interior design – columns and beams in Tel Aviv

The structural elements in this house in Israel were left exposed, so that its steel columns and beams give it character and charm

Tiny apartment in Tel Aviv

In renovating this tiny apartment in Tel Aviv, we used many tricks to make it seem much larger and airier than it actually is

The grandparents’ house in Israel

The renovation of an old house in Israel, which tries to capture the spirit of beloved grandparents, while creating comfortable, modern living spaces

Country kitchen

We designed this kitchen in a country house in Israel, following the client’s wishes for an airy, modern space – with a touch of country feeling

Penthouse in Israel

The renovation of a roof apartment , which was originally dark and crowded – and became a holiday resort and a second home for an American couple

Landscaping – in an old village in Israel

The design of a very large garden around an old village house in Israel, using some of the original remains