Modern apartment in Tel Aviv

      Our office designed this apartment in Tel Aviv from scratch. It was built as part of a new inner-city project with 700 apartments around a park, and we changed the basic layout to fit the clients’ wishes as it was being built.       In due time we chose all the […]

Life on Display: from the Jerusalem Post

Homes in Israel: from the the Jerusalem Post- a home in the north of Tel Aviv. An old apartment was enlarged and renovated to create a special atmosphere

Apartment in Tel Aviv – a new beginnig

My clients bought an apartment in Tel Aviv, which did not look very promising. Look what it turned into, in a few months time – a stylish new home

Home in Israel: An artist’s house

Home in Israel: an artist’s house in Tel Aviv reflects the family’s love for art , through creative design, architectural elements and abundant use of color

Our new buildings – from the outside

This is what some of our projects in Israel look like – from the outside

Apartment in Israel : from the Jerusalem Post

An article from the “Jerusalem Post” about a roof apartment in Israel, which was designed as a vacation home, with a New York loft as inspiration

House in Israel – a cozy home in Tel Aviv

The ground floor was completely changed, and two attic rooms were added. The result: a cozy, warm, colorful home for a family in Tel Aviv

Structure and interior design – columns and beams in Tel Aviv

The structural elements in this house in Israel were left exposed, so that its steel columns and beams give it character and charm