Modern apartment in Tel Aviv




Our office designed this apartment in Tel Aviv from scratch.

It was built as part of a new inner-city project with 700 apartments around a park, and we changed the basic layout to fit the clients’ wishes as it was being built.




In due time we chose all the materials, designed the kitchen and bathrooms, chose the furniture and textiles and put it all together…






We wanted to create a very modern interior, fitting the spirit of the project, but with the warm, colorful and inviting atmosphere of Israel. We wanted it to be contemporary but at the same time colorful, comfortable and happy.





The apartment is about 90 sqm. It has one large open space with kitchen, dining table and living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a porch.







In spite of the fact that the rooms are small, we wanted to create a feeling of openness and lots of light. 







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