Luxury home in Israel


When planning your luxury home in Israel, you are faced with many issues:
How  do you design a most appealing home for yourself, your family and you guests? How do you plan it so that it truly fulfills  all your wishes and your dreams, so that your specific needs  are taken care of in the best possible manner? How do you organize the project – whether building or renovating , how do you find excellent and trustworthy professionals to work with ? How do you stay within the set limits of your budget, and still get the best results possible?

Among the many projects we have designed and built  in the last twenty-five years, many have been spacious homes for clients who expect very  high quality in the planing and building of their homes.  Here are some examples of our work for them, emphasizing, as in all of our projects,  functional design, beauty, warmth and color, emphasizing also the unity of architecture, design and landscaping as co-dependent elements of any project . As you can see, some are free-standing homes, some are apartments which have been renovated to fit our clients’ wishes and needs.

About our firm: Orly Eran – architecture and design