Landscaping – in an old village in Israel

This beautiful house, situated between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, is more than a hundred years old – which is very rare in Israel .

The original garden, although very large, had no beauty, and no real connection to the house. We created a new design for the garden  to accent the house’s character, to integrate house and garden, and to supply a background for the many activities taking place outside: dining, relaxing, displaying old memorandum, and keeping the numerous small grandchildren happy.

The front garden has a large raised flower bed, displaying some original farm tools used by the family who built the house. Rocks and seasonal flowers add color. A very old olive tree became the focal point of the back garden, with a large sitting area around it. We built a path to connect the sitting area under the old olive tree and the house. Flowers now surround this path. The grandchildren have a separate playground among the trees, not far from the olive tree. An old water trough, previously used for the farm animals, is now part of the landscaping. During the Succot Holidays it is part of the succa]!

(Here is another project, where the new garden design changed the connection between the house and the garden…)