Interior design in Israel: penthouse in Herzlia

The interior design of this apartment evolved over a period of several years. Every few months we added something – furniture, pictures, lighting. It is actually a slow and delightful project, with many discussions, which both my client and I enjoyed very much.

When choosing home furnishings, I always love to use old pieces of furniture, whose history is somehow connected to that of my clients. Here , we decided to use the sofa and armchairs which have been with the family for over 35 years. Because of their timeless design, they still look contemporary and beautiful – much more so than many pieces of furniture which we could have bought at any store. We chose a very rich, deep brown fabric for them, and used pillows in other colors to brighten up the room and give it an elegant touch.

We removed the many pictures hanging  randomly on the walls, without order or rhythm. We picked out only our favorite ones, and hung them in a colorful group above the sofa, and in several other noticeable places in the apartment – but only where they really stand out!

We chose the other pieces of furniture and light fixtures from a wide range of styles, attempting to create harmony between antique, contemporary, and very modern.


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