Home in Israel: Greek dreams come true

It all started with a ground floor apartment in Tel Aviv, with a small garden attached to it. The condition of the apartment was not bad, but it lacked character and charm, of which my client wanted plenty….

I asked my client to collect inspiration photos for the architecture and interior design, so that she could explain to me (and to herself) what she really wanted. She came back to me with a huge pile of photos of Greek islands – blue seas, small white houses, flowerpots, peace. So we set out to create the atmosphere she was dreaming about in the middle of noisy and busy Tel Aviv. Does this sound impossible?

Of course – we cannot copy the Greek sea, the landscape. But we did try to take some of the design elements which we love, and create a functional, modern living space with charm and romance – in Israel.

(Here you can read some more about this project)