Home in Israel: An artist’s house

This home in Israel is located in an old neighborhood in Tel Aviv,  initially built about fifty years ago for immigrants, with modest houses, small gardens, and much charm  . It was inherited by an artist from her grandparents, who had lived there for many years and left lots of good memories for their grandchild…

The house was rebuilt ans enlarged several years ago  to accommodate the artist, her family of five,  and her many works of art. The whole family is extremely creative and art-loving, and this is well  expressed in the architecture and interior design of their home: large, decorative steel windows, painted a striking blue, an unconventional layout, creative use of the relatively small floor area with a very high ceiling in the living room, a cozy kitchen with a somewhat crazy design, a  lovely garden which is full of plants and decorations in spite of its small size .


When designing the house, I  considered the artistic side of the family as most important – and the most outstanding features of this home are still  the  large, colorful works of art .

(here is a publication about this home in Israel  in “La’isha” – the country’s largest magazine for women)