Garden design in Israel – a house in a Moshav gets a beautiful connection to its surroundings

We designed the renovation of a big house in Israel, situated in a Moshav – an peaceful agricultural community in the southern part of the country. Here is a feature in Houzz about this project.

      The house is surrounded by a large garden,  and originally there was no connection between the two ,  as you can see in the last  four pictures of this gallery. The living room faced the side of the garden, and was a whole story higher than its main area , at the back of the house. An important part of our job when we designed the renovation was to create a good connection between the house and the  garden. We built a large wooden balcony outside the living room, on the same level as the living room. This created a beautiful outdoor space – an area for dining and entertaining  for the family, which quickly became the most important space in the house.   A series of large wooden steps  leads to the spacious back yard, and thus connects it to the living space  .