Bedroom design: how to make them look larger and work better



It seems that all bedrooms are too small!



They feel crowded and unorganized, and they  always lack storage space. Here are some ideas on how to change this:

1. Use all walls:

As you can see in this picture, we usd the wall behind the bed for bookshelves. Notice the design details: the headboard is also a storage space for blankets and pillows, with round holes for airing them. Reading lamps are placed on this headboard. The lower bookshelves are designed as built-in nightstands, and there are some drawers for extra storage. The matress can be raised easily, so that we have lots of storage under it.




2. Windows are important!

In this home in Israel, we designed the closets around an existing window. Underneath the window we created a small bench, which is also used for shoe sorage.



More windows: french ones, reaching down to the floor, make the bedroom design very special.



Deep windowsills make your bedroom seem larger. So does having large windows. In this house near Tel Aviv, we placed a large mirror on the floor. It reflects the window next to it,  enlarges the room and adds lots of light.


    IMG_1910 s

3. Symmetry and color:

Symmetrical arrangements always create calmer spaces. But never exagerate – it is much more interesting to use two different nightstands.

I love to use cool colors. They make rooms look larger and calmer – like this oliv-green wall, which looks so fresh with the wooden furniture and straw carpet.



4. Niches:

Niches can make your bedroom lovelier, and add storage space :




Another niche, this time as a colorful windowseat:



5. Height:

Any room will look larger with a higher ceiling! If you have a tile roof, add the space underneath the roof to your bedroom:



6. Open your bedroom to the garden!


If you are lucky eough o have a garden near your bedroom, create a connection between them. Create a quiet and privat garden area for your bedroom.




All the pictures in this article are from projects designed by my office:

You can read more about this topic in this Houzz article, with the comments I added to it.