Before buying real estate in Israel

Buying a house or  apartment in Israel can be confusing ..

If you are looking for an apartment in Israel, and the real-estate agent takes you to see this house ….



could you imagine that in a short time you can be living in an apartment which looks like this?

cooking and eating your meals here….


… and sleeping here……



…or here….





If you are not a professional architect or interior designer, the answer would probably be no!!




In buying property in Israel, you need professional advice. As an architect with many years of experience, I can help you in several ways:

The first step is always to get to know you: your needs, your dreams, your likes and dislikes, your taste, and of course – your budget.


Together we can then inspect the property you are interested in, discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


In case the house or apartment needs changes, I can suggest a plan for its renovation, estimate the feasibility of the work needed, and – based on my experience and knowledge of the way things are done in Israel – also estimate the time and budget necessary to complete the project successfully.



( more about this project in this link to HOUZZ,  and in this article from the Jerusalem Post)