Home in Israel – renovating and landscaping

A large home in Israel was renovated to fit its clients' needs and tastes, to display their collection of clocks, and to connect it to its beautiful garden

Garden design in Israel – a house in a Moshav gets a beautiful connection to its surroundings

This house in Israel is surrounded by a large garden,which we connected to the house with a series of wooden steps. This created a beautiful outdoor space.

Landscaping: connenting between house and garden

Here is what we did to connect this house, built in the fifties, to the garden which surrounds it. We gained a beautiful house and an exciting garden

House in Israel: inside and outside

In designing the garden of this village house in Israel, we emphasized the connection between the inside and the outside, creating a flow of spaces and light.

Landscaping – in an old village in Israel

The design of a very large garden around an old village house in Israel, using some of the original remains